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nothing like some really bad pictures of good plans, is there. these are close to being finished… if plans are ever finished.

main layout:

cc 002

lighting schematic:

cc 003

a little slice through the middle:

CTP iPhone 020914 103

downstairs front living room elevation:

CTP iPhone 020914 110

upstairs bathroom:

CTP iPhone 020914 109

kitchen, replete with may-2009-elle-decor-approved island:

CTP iPhone 020914 108

master bath. i’m sure hilary will have no problem reaching her target waistline:

CTP iPhone 020914 107

and finally, yes, we have become those people that get closets designed for them:CTP iPhone 020914 105

before: basement



CTP iPhone 559

pretty much a raw space. floor is concrete, but sloped, cracked and absent in many places. structural work needed on supports and joists in places. double door to front yard; door and bulkhead to back yard. stairs to first floor. windows could be added front and rear for natural light.

CTP iPhone 564 CTP iPhone 560CTP iPhone 481

CTP iPhone 558 CTP iPhone 557 CTP iPhone 556

CTP iPhone 555 CTP iPhone 554 CTP iPhone 553

winterization part 2



finished up the fascia and roof patching on the porch. hopefully good enough to see us through the winter.

photo 5

grampa mike and i cut off the old fascia boards and trimmed back the rotting edge of the roof. then we slapped on some 1×6 paneling we had lying around in the basement to build it up again. again, we had some tar in the basement, so used all 5 gallons to recreate the roof and hopefully point the water somewhat towards the roof drain. then we added some new flashing and capped each end of our castle with a turret. the total cost of the repairs was about $70.

photo 1  photo 5 (2) photo 1 (2)photo 3

let’s finish with a question…

update: i went ahead and painted it anyway… and coated the roof with premium aluminum roof coating.

519 ceiling 2photo 11519 porch roof



, ,

the second floor was already uninhabitable when we got the house – witness:


so, we’ll just go ahead and chip away at removing all extraneous material like moldings, shelves, real classy wood paneling, light fixtures, baseboards, and so on… and eventually interior walls that aren’t going to be needed.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

craigslist “free stuff” here we come.



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had to shore up the porch a little bit to make sure she made it through the winter… easy bits done, now need to remove and replace the front fascia.


photo 4

cracked cement supports before and after:

photo 2 photo 1

photo 7photo 8

missing wainscoting from porch ceiling. hopefully the animals that had been living in there are out. replaced missing boards and trimmed it with some 1x2s from the basement stash.

photo 3 photo 12 photo 6 photo 10 photo 11

also shored up the wall by the sidewalk and painted the front door so the house look less abandoned:

photo 9 photo 13