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so, the original steam heating system is being converted to a hot water system.

pros: easier to plumb in, or move radiators, as it is not reliant on gravity for return lines (thus no elaborate condensate return pipe set up required); can be multi-zoned (will set up as separate first and second floor circuits); system can be easily added to later, if needed; can use the same boiler, just de-tuned; can use the same radiators, just need some new hardware on them; no clanking of pipes or hissing at radiators.

cons: needs a circulating pump (for each circuit); radiators won’t be as hot.

unknown: which system is actually more efficient… but there doesn’t seem to be conclusive evidence either way.

“new” radiator in place. pex piping for most of the circuit, with copper where it will be exposed.

CTP iPhone 101114 129

each has new flanges, valves, stoppers and piping.

CTP iPhone 101114 093CTP iPhone 101114 092CTP iPhone 101114 096

we were also able to add a new, low profile unit in the master bath:

CTP iPhone 101114 106

same boiler, partially disassembled for retuning and resituating:

CTP iPhone 101114 109CTP phone 110214 045